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Dressed to Kill by BethanyHunter
Dressed to Kill
What seems to be an elegant party for many, is in truth a mission for Bethany. A mission that will require a different set of skills. Normally Bethany relies on her crime fighting persona to save the day, but this time, she must rely on seduction a deceipt.

Bethany is after a crime family that has been attributed a lot of the rise in the crime rate. To do this, however, she must infiltrate their ranks. She must use her charm and wits, if she is to make it out alive. 

Her opponents however, don't know who they are dealing with. underneath her dress, Bethany is not only hiding her beauty, but rather her lethality. She is ready to cut down any who stand in her way. 

Should a man fall for her charm, pray for the poor soul, for Bethany will show why in many ways she is the mistress of the night. 
Haircut by BethanyHunter
It took a lot of convincing, but I finally managed to drag Beth into a beauty salon for a haircut. I think she is now ready for her elegant dinner party tonight. What do you think?

Regarding the Name Her Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 1:38 PM

Hey everyone, just a quick note here. I seem a few suggestions in the contest, but sadly currently only two qualify for the contest.

Keep in mind that in order to participate, you need to both give her a name and some sort of description. 

Take for example :icongundam20012005:'s entry: 
Night Slayer.
Real Name-Unknown, nickname "Slay"

A time displaced warrior from a fantasy like era where demons run rampant and justice is distributed swift and harsh if need be.  Slayer has no qualms about beating a man to within an inch of death or simply dropping them off a high rooftop to get results.  Her armor enables her to strike harder and tougher than normal opponents but if she loses any bit of it (gloves, boots, cloak, etc) the magic enchantments wear off little by little, diminishing her strength.  While weaker without her costume, Slay is a fierce opponent and skilled in most manners of lethal combat.  She sees the methods of city heroines like Nocturne and Nightshade as tame and works on her own rules and code.  Though she does have her obvious moral differences with chief city heroine, Nocturne, Slay has worked with her on some occasions and on others has stood in her way, resulting in battles that leave one or both in rough shape afterwards (though Slay's armor does make her a bit stronger).  Also, while she is from a different era, Slay has quickly caught up on present day customs, speech and mannerisms so she isn't lost on a random reference, but she is still known to speak like she does in her home era.

Another example of a good entry is :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:

Name: Nadia 

She is a black magic sorceress who seeks to unlock more mystical power for herself. Skilled in the use of dark magic she can cast spells which are both offensive and defensive in nature. In addition to her magical abilities Nadia is a trained warrior. Her signature weapons are a paired of clawed gloves she wears. Their metal was crafted by a dark forge and has the power to cut through magical defenses and weapons.  

In order words, you need to name her and give her some degree of character. It be even better if you can determine whether she is a villain or a hero. 

I know you guys are creative, so I hope this clears any confusion and I hope to see your creative entries. If you want to participate, follow the link below and submit your entry!…

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Bethany Hunter
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Thanks, but I can't take credit for all the art. I'm the writer and Carlos is the artist of the Night Wolf Comic Book. Though I have the ability to do it all myself unfortunately I have a fulltime job and a family to support. So I don't have the time, but I feel I have upgraded the project by enlisting Carlos.

Here are a few my designs:
Night Wolf character design
Snow Paw character design
Tartarus character design

Compared to Carlos' Designs:
Night Wolf character design
Snow Paw character design
Tartarus character design
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