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A loud boom suddenly crushed Fortune City's tranquil night. The sound of what seemed like a explosion engulfed the city's center. The sound came from the city's bank. Some robbers had figure that the best time to rob the bank would be at nightfall, little did they knew that at night, the city had its strongest security 

An armored truck soon came out of the bank with the stolen goods. The cops gave chase, but as is the standard with these situations, they were no match for the robbers. It was then however, that a figure clad in black came out of the shadows in a powerful motorcycle. It was none other than Nocturne.

Nocturne gave chase to the would be robbers, her bike proving to be too fast for them. When the robbers looked back, they knew they were in for a fight.

"I'm on their tail, this should be over in five minutes;" Nocturne spoke through her communicator with Nightshade, her trusted sidekick, " Yeah, I don't wanna miss the season finale either, it's been built up quite nicely. Get my popcorn ready, I'll be done with these goons in a bit."

The would be robbers opened the back doors of the armored, hoping to have a vantage point from where to shoot our heroine. Two guns with assault rifles quickly began to fire at Nocturne, to no avail as she swiftly dodged every single bullet.

"Child's play." Nocturne muttered, unimpressed with their antics.

Feeling that shooting the tires of the truck could potentially cause an accident, Nocturne took a different approach. She moved as close as she could to the armored truck, placing the bike in auto pilot, she took out her grapnel and shot at the exposed inner truck. Nocturne launched herself into the truck, taking out the two thugs that were trying to shoot her. There were three more thugs, so Nocturne quickly threw one of her smoke pellets, clouding the entire truck in smoke. With everyone's vision clouded, Nocturne quickly knocked the remaining three thugs before they even had a chance to see it coming.

Fearing that something bad was going on in the back of the truck, the two thugs driving, stopped the truck in a secluded alley. The two thugs came out armed, ready to kill anything in sight, however they didn't know that they were already being hunted. The thugs took a look at the back of the truck, but before they had a chance to panic, Nocturne descended from the top of the 
truck and smashed the thugs skulls against each other, quickly rendering them unconscious.

Nocturne tied all the thugs and secured the stolen cargo, making the police work a lot easier. With the cops on the way, Nocturne took to the rooftops to get a quick breath before going back home.

"Told ya it would only take me five minutes, I'll be back there in a...." Before Nocturne could finish her sentence she was cut off by an incoming bullet. 

The shot wasn't fired with the intention of actually hitting her, but rather as a warning. Nocturne quickly traced the source of the bullet and found who had made the shot. Before her stood a woman with a revolver pointed at her.

The woman had short brown spikey hair, was clad in what seemed like a short battle suit covered with ammo pouches and gadgets. The woman seemed ready to kill just about anyone.

"Tracking you down was easier than I expected. All I had to do was follow the morons and they led me to my target." The woman spoke. 

"Who are you and why are you after me?" Nocturne was confused, she had no idea why this woman was after her.

"Names are for friends, we don't need them. But since you'll soon be six feet under, I'll give you the pleasure of knowing that you were conquered by the one and only, Aksana." Aksana replied.

"Ohh so you are here to kill me, huh? How cute." Nocturne crossed her arms, "So tell me, Aksana, why exactly are you out to kill me?"

"Nothing personal. You have enemies in high places that are willing to pay a hefty sum just to see you dead." Aksana chuckled, "I retract what I said, this is actually a bit personal. Your death will make for a great bullet point in my resume."

"Ohh sweetie, you are not the first nor the last that tries to kill me." Nocturne took her fighting stance, "Now, let me show you why each and everyone of them failed."

Aksana began the fight by trying to shoot Nocturne, however this time around Nocturne was not surprised by the shots, avoiding each shot by quickly moving through the rooftops. Aksana quickly had her revolvers ran out of bullets and in the situation, there was no time for reloads, which forced Aksana to approach a hand to hand scenario.

With Aksana disarmed, Nocturne ceased her dodge strategy and focused on an offensive strategy. The heroine and the bounty hunter clashed against each other, rarely leaving a window of opportunity for the other. All of Nocturne's kicks connected with Aksana's kicks, all of Aksana's punches were countered by Nocturne's punches.

It would seem that they were in a stalemate, however, Aksana had plans to change that. Seeing that she could not defeat Nocturne in hand to hand combat, Aksana decided to tip the scales. She took out a combat knife and began to strike at Nocturne. Nocturne didn't see it coming fast enough and while she did manage to dodge lethal blows, some of the hits manage to land, slightly tearing her costume apart and causing small bruises. 

Nocturne quickly had to shift her strategy once more. Nocturne quickly used her grapnel to shoot herself towards a vantage point, in order to take time to come up with a strategy. In the meantime, she distracted Aksana by throwing smoke pellets. However this gave Aksana the opportunity to reload her revolvers.

Nocturne ran out of smoke pellets, which meant that she could no longer rely on a dodge strategy. Nocturne instead charged towards Aksana in a zig zag pattern, so as to dodge her bullets. The strategy worked and Aksana missed her shots, giving Nocturne the opportunity to tackle her against a wall. She punched her in the ribs a few times, which seemed to have an impact on Aksana. Aksana retaliated by kicking Nocturne in the stomach, making her lose her grip on the bounty hunter. 

The two of them continued trading punches and kicks at each other, the battle raging on for quite a bit. They were again at a stalemate and when Aksana tried to use her knife, Nocturne grabbed it and threw it away. As they continued fighting, they lost sight of where they stood and Nocturne paid the price.

Aksana tackled Nocturne, making the two of them fall through the fire escape ladder. Nocturne did her best to cushion the fall and while she managed to avoid any mortal wounds, the fall took a toll on her. 

Nocturne rested against a wall, her vision becoming blurry. However, she could see that Aksana was on the other side, trying to stand up. Nocturne tried to do so as well, but couldn't due to exhaustion.

Aksana began to walk towards Nocturne, with gun in hand.

"I... bullet left...." She said as she pointed at Nocturne's head, "" 

Nocturne's vision got even more blurry, but before Aksana could shoot her, she saw a shadowy figure stand behind Aksana. The figure did something that rendered Aksana unconscious, but before she could see who it was or what it did, Nocturne felt unconscious.

A couple of hours later, Nocturne woke up in an apartment. She took a quick glance at the room and realized she knew this place. A woman clad in latex stood by the door.

"Well well well, look who's back among the living?" The woman spoke.

"Viper?!? What happened??" Nocturne tried to stood up, but her head hurt, "How did you find me?"

"My, aren't we full of questions today?" Viper got in bed and began to stroke Nocturne's hair, "Well I was strolling through the neighborhood, going after the loot you left in the truck when I saw that my kitten was in danger. I wasn't going to let that woman take away my favorite kitten!"

"You, you saved me?!" Nocturne was shocked.

"I might be a thief, but I am not heartless. Besides, you are my kitten and quite a good one at that." Viper placed a kiss on Nocturne's lips.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you Viper! I owe you my life!" Nocturne returned the kiss, "I'll repay you in some way, I promise."

"Ooooh be careful with what you say,sweetie, you might regret it," Viper chuckled, " But for starters you could repay me by being more careful."

"I almost had her, it was just a miscalculation, won't happen again." Nocturne retorted.

"If I hadn't been there, it would had surely not happen again." Viper chuckled.

"Duly noted, as I said, won't happen ever again." Nocturne retorted.

"Good." Viper began to rub Nocturne's fishnet covered legs, "The second thing you can do for me, is to let me heal those wounds. I have some secret methods that will make you feel wondrously better."

"Ohh doctor! I'm in need of a special treatment!" Nocturne giggled.

"In order for me to give you proper treatment we need to take the costume off. I simply cannot work my special treatment with it on the way!" Viper chuckled as she took Nocturne's boots and fishnets off. She then proceeded to unzip the costume and pull it off, leaving Nocturne in only her lingerie, "Now this is much better!"

"Ohh doctor, I think your treatment is already working! I am feeling amazingly well!" Nocturne replied giggling once more.

Viper finally discarded Bethany's lingerie and Bethany returned the favor, discarding Jolene of her Viper costume. After a long night of fighting, Bethany was rewarded with a night of passion from one of her best lovers.

The next morning, Jolene woke up to the smell of breakfast. To her surprise, Bethany was coming back to the room with a tray of food and no attire. She placed the tray next to Jolene's end table and then got back to her side of the bed.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise!" Jolene took the tray of food, but not before kissing Bethany.

"I told you, I would find ways of repaying you!" Bethany replied.

"I could get used to this!" Jolene laughed, "As your doctor, I must insist, you can't leave the patient room today. For check up purposes, of course!" 

Bethany laughed, "All right doc, I think the city can do without me for a day!"

The two women shared the meal and prepared for a day of relaxation. After a near death experience, Bethany was sure thankful to have a peaceful moment. 

Paranormal Activity by BethanyHunter
Paranormal Activity
While staying in an old mansion, Bethany has an ecounter with a being who seems to be obsessed with Bethany. Her intentions however, remain a mystery.

What is this being after? What does it want from Beth? Will our heroine manage to escape this predicament? One thing is clear, Bethany will need to find a way to solve this mystery before her longest night comes to an end. 

Happy Halloween!

Regarding the Name Her Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 1:38 PM

Hey everyone, just a quick note here. I seem a few suggestions in the contest, but sadly currently only two qualify for the contest.

Keep in mind that in order to participate, you need to both give her a name and some sort of description. 

Take for example :icongundam20012005:'s entry: 
Night Slayer.
Real Name-Unknown, nickname "Slay"

A time displaced warrior from a fantasy like era where demons run rampant and justice is distributed swift and harsh if need be.  Slayer has no qualms about beating a man to within an inch of death or simply dropping them off a high rooftop to get results.  Her armor enables her to strike harder and tougher than normal opponents but if she loses any bit of it (gloves, boots, cloak, etc) the magic enchantments wear off little by little, diminishing her strength.  While weaker without her costume, Slay is a fierce opponent and skilled in most manners of lethal combat.  She sees the methods of city heroines like Nocturne and Nightshade as tame and works on her own rules and code.  Though she does have her obvious moral differences with chief city heroine, Nocturne, Slay has worked with her on some occasions and on others has stood in her way, resulting in battles that leave one or both in rough shape afterwards (though Slay's armor does make her a bit stronger).  Also, while she is from a different era, Slay has quickly caught up on present day customs, speech and mannerisms so she isn't lost on a random reference, but she is still known to speak like she does in her home era.

Another example of a good entry is :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:

Name: Nadia 

She is a black magic sorceress who seeks to unlock more mystical power for herself. Skilled in the use of dark magic she can cast spells which are both offensive and defensive in nature. In addition to her magical abilities Nadia is a trained warrior. Her signature weapons are a paired of clawed gloves she wears. Their metal was crafted by a dark forge and has the power to cut through magical defenses and weapons.  

In order words, you need to name her and give her some degree of character. It be even better if you can determine whether she is a villain or a hero. 

I know you guys are creative, so I hope this clears any confusion and I hope to see your creative entries. If you want to participate, follow the link below and submit your entry!…

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